Everybody wins!


Brands can connect with customers, in the aisle, at the point of decision by providing engaging content.


Retailers can upgrade their in-store shopping experience, educate their shoppers and display featured products and specials.


Shoppers can use the tablets to learn about products on sale or scan the UPC barcode to find detailed information about each product.


  • On-aisle presence
  • Targeted audience
  • Point of Decision
  • Eye-level screens
  • Better than shelf talkers
  • Coveted retail space
  • Sold-in campaigns
  • Leverage existing ads


  • Store branded interface
  • In-store promotions
  • POS integration
  • Automated price checks
  • Advertised discounts
  • Featured products
  • Website integration


  • Easily scan products
  • Engaging content
  • Educational insights
  • Tasting notes
  • Food pairings
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Gift ideas
  • Pricing info

Show Your Branded Content

Videos + Images

Banner Ads


Effective and Measurable

Lead Brands 10%

Major Brands 6%

Competing Brands 4%

Entry Brands >1%

Major Brands

Lead Brands

Competing Brands

Entry Brands

Advanced Marketing Features

  Entry Brand Competing Brand Major Brand Leading Brand

Still Ads

Increase brand recognition on the aisle

Video Ads

Gain passer-by attention with video spots

Banner Ads

First impression on product pages

Custom Campaigns

Branding recipes and micro-sites

Promoted Search

Get found first with boosted search weighting


Defeat the competition with counter-offers

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